Wedding Bells- The 5 Best Gifts for Your Bridal Party

27-Dresses (1)

I remember when an old friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding…I was so excited. Then I learned the colour would be peach, really the only colour that, in my opinion should be illegal! Not only was it peach, but peach moiré taffeta…And not just taffeta, but a custom-made taffeta column dress with wings that projected out from the shoulders…To top it off, we heard the often told little white lie that many brides tell their bridesmaids “ it will look so lovely on you, and you can wear it again for other occasions!” Sadly I have no photos of this stunning creation to share with you.

This experience is one of the reasons I just love the film “27 Dresses” with Katherine Heigel. If you have not seen it, please watch it…the wardrobe stylist must have had a brilliant time picking out this massive collection of fashion-don’ts! See a small selection of the bridesmaid dresses worn in one of the final scenes in the photo above.

Today, bridesmaids have all the luck. There are hundreds of choices for stylish dresses including my favourite Vera Wang. I really love giving presents that perfectly suit the recipient, especially something meaningful that she will love, and actually wear for more than one outing. So what does one give their bridal party to commemorate this magical occasion?

Here are my Top 5 Best Gifts for the Big Day

The Bride: Catherine Weitzman Gold Vermeil Shaker Necklace
Maid of Honour : Viv&Ingrid Gold Freshwater Pearl .75” Skinny Wrap Hoops
Bridesmaid: Dogeared Bridal Pearls of Happiness Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Mother of the Bride: David Aubrey ‘Hadrien’ Glass Pearl Multi Strand Necklace
Flower Girl: Flower Girl Button Pearl Necklace

Wedding Bells - Bridal Party Gifts
Wedding Bells – Bridal Party Gifts
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