Top Tips to Make Your Jewellery Business Shine


While attending university, I managed cosmetic counters for Diane Von Furstenberg and later for Estee Lauder. Each October we always had our bestsellers merchandised top of counter in stacks. Our motto was ‘Pile ‘em high, and watch ‘em fly.’… And every single year we sold out by December 24th!

It is only 9 weeks till Christmas day and we still have time to make your retail sales SHINE this season and in the new year.

If you are like me and tend to sometimes put off gift shopping till the very last minute, there is still time! Dogeared, Catherine Weitzman, David Aubrey and MantraBand all have brilliant handcrafted in the USA bestselling jewellery available for quick shipping. And some have the option for quick reorders too! #fashionjewellerythatsells

There is a fine balance between ordering enough to get through this crazy period yet still have something to sell after Christmas is long gone. When stock is left over, why not make them classic things that will keep on selling, rather than season-specific products that will most likely require a markdown to sell through.

I bet you never invited guests to your home and not stocked up on the basics? Drinks, nibbles, etc…Of course not!

How about your store bestsellers? Buyers that regularly order and sell through season-less basics maximise their sales and store traffic throughout the year, not just for Christmas. And they have fewer markdowns since these items sell through at full price. Bonus!

Who are your customers shopping for? No matter where you are, it will be a mixture of Friend, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Girlfriend, Wife, Aunt, Niece, Co-worker, Yoga teacher, Bride-to-be, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl….And we have got you covered.

Having gifts-to-go ready for your customers will not only make them appreciate your store now, but will also keep them coming back again and again for other gift giving occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, and encourage referrals. This will also make your sales team’s job so much easier because your bestsellers will be their first suggestion for busy shoppers.

When your strongest lines are selling out before the next order is delivered, why not order a bit more and keep the momentum going!


What about back up orders to cover the period after December into the new year? Core bestsellers are your BFF here too, with a little newness layered in to keep it fresh.

Here are my top 3 gifts by desiCWCollagegner:


Catherine Weitzman

18kt gold vermeil Shaker necklace with white crystals
Ombré ruby and 18kt gold vermeil beaded bracelet
18kt gold vermeil mini cast coral disc necklace




Pearls of friendship necklace

Light as a Feather Necklace

Original Karma Necklace



David Aubrey

Wrap bracelet

Tassel and multi charm necklace

Monogram long glass pearl and beer quartz necklace


Wishing you all a super successful selling season!!!

Warmest regards,


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