Catherine Weitzman

Organic elegance that combines luxury and wearability.

Catherine Weitzman

With each new piece of her signature line of handmade ethical jewellery, Catherine Weitzman expresses the beauty of the natural world through art, design, and fashion. Her work evolves from a lifetime of extensive travel by land and sea. Seasonal accessory collections offer women organic elegance that combines luxury and wearability with the highest standards of craftsmanship using 100% recycled sterling silver, 18kt gold vermeil and colourful gems such as rubies and sapphires.

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Catherine has always had an attraction to jewellery and an innate love of working with her hands.  She studied jewellery making and classical metalsmithing and later worked under several US designers, but it wasn’t until she returned with husband and co-creator Scott Diamond from a five-year adventure around the globe that she would be ready to start her signature line of handmade jewellery.

Catherine drew inspiration from the places they visited and the people they met on their extensive travels, as well as from immersive apprenticeships with traditional artisans in small villages and far-flung locales.  After they returned to the US in 2000, she launched Catherine Weitzman Jewellery in San Francisco.  The company grew organically and in 2004, Catherine and Scott moved to Hawaii and built a studio where all the jewellery is still handmade today.

Nature is more than an inspiration for Catherine; it influences who she is and how she sees the world, the decisions she makes and how she runs her business, including the use of found objects, recycled metals and responsible suppliers. 

Craftsmanship is an integral part of the business as well.  Not only does Catherine Weitzman Jewellery go from design to production under one roof, it’s made by a gifted team of people who care about the pieces and love what they do.

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The collection is available in stores on five continents, beautiful little islands and some of the luxurious cruise ships that travel between them.  The jewellery is worn, collected and loved by women globally.  From their loyal following of repeat customers to women discovering the line for the first time, Catherine’s jewellery effortlessly combines elegance and wearability, balancing current fashions with timeless style.

The designs are an integration of Catherine’s experiences: they are deeply informed by her travels, her childhood in the city, her love of nature and water, and the way a single piece of jewellery connects the designer, the hands that made it, and the person who sees it, wears it and makes it her own.

Founders Catherine and Scott live between New York and Hawaii, where a gifted production team manufactures all of their products by hand.

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Stephanie Weaver Sales represents Catherine Weitzman jewellery in the UK.

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