Build a Strong Core without the workout – Part 1


A core business – When I first started Pilates years ago, my instructor kept telling me “Focus on your core”. I thought, what on earth is my core?  Since then I have learned that building a strong core creates a solid foundation to support and build on everything we do… not only in Pilates, but in life and business.

For me personally, this has meant establishing a core set of recipes to create meals for my family and friends that are delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare.  And a core set of training classes to keep fit and help me feel energized.

In my business, building a strong core means I work with clients to stock a collection of key styles that sell throughout the year. For example, with Dogeared, buying into collections such as Karma, Pearls of, Make a Wish, Infinite Love and Balance, and ensuring these are always in stock. This is a successful strategy that results in repeat business, and not just at peak season.

If you are wondering about this “Wish Wall” shown above, this is at the entrance of the Dogeared design studio and one of my favourite things each time I visit! There are tiny pieces of paper and pencils below to write out your wish…then you place it in one of the little holes and believe it will come true. The Wish Wall was a gift to Marcia, Dogeared founder and Creative Force from her thoughtful husband Merlin. They are both such brilliant gift givers it is no wonder they create such amazing things for us all to enjoy!!

Dogeared_Infinite_Love_necklace-style for core business
Dogeared Infinite Love (necklace)
Dogeared_Infinite_Love_necklace - style for core business
Dogeared Infinite Love (necklace)
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