Build a Strong Core without the Workout – Part 2


Last week we looked at building a core assortment in your store. This offers value to your customer and a sustainable business for you. Creating and maintaining a strong core assortment builds a solid foundation allows us to layer in newness each season to keep it fresh and fun to shop. Each season I review the collections from each of my designers, and help select the key new styles for my clients that will complement the pieces already being stocked. Below is an example of the Dogeared Best of the Best core display.

Core bestsellers attract raving fans that will help lead more traffic, and additional sales to your store. A terrific example of this is Converse…they sell the same basic canvas sneakers year after year and then add quirky prints, colours and textures each season, as well as some limited edition designs to keep us engaged and coming back for more. These styles have a timeless quality, because they are season-less, rather than designed for a specific season such as summer or fall. An added benefit is these styles move at full price and keep on selling. Stock, Sell, Repeat.


Here are my Top 5 Dogeared Core pieces:

The Original Karma necklace. Launched in 2005, Karma is Queen at Dogeared. Frequently worn on TV, even my husband notices when someone is wearing this iconic piece! Worn by actress Ivana Milcevic throughout Season 1 & 2 on Cinemax show Banshee.
Pearls of Friendship necklace
Wish Teeny Wishbone Make a Wish Reminder Necklace
Light as a Feather Make a Wish Reminder Necklace
Balance Medium Square bar necklace

You are welcome to share your comments and questions below and I look forward to meeting up next week.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



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